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Giving a Speech

Saturday 4 June 9am - 3:30pm

Teaching Your Mind To Be Your Friend a Living Well Presentation.

$50 EARLY BIRD registration before 26th May.


Donna Mandelkow and Joan Koskela will be your presenters for this Workshop.

Topics covered will include:

- You and Your Unbearable Feeling Default Mood

- the attitude you are developing Fusions of the mind Lies we Believe...and more.


Until we discover our invisible masters we never will understand ourselves. This workshop unlocks our most ‘allergic feelings’, the ones our subconscious avoids at all costs. When faith and psychology are willing to talk to each other, both benefit.


The truth is ‘you are unique’. You have only one life. Truly, we are transformed only by the renewing of our minds until our minds are eventually persuaded to become our friends.

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